Thank you!
Hello Everyone,
I am Nero di Venere and I am an artist  born in Italy.
Since march 2000, I became a professional Artist, in some different medium techniques, so I constantly looking for anything can inspire me.
I still feeling that sensation, and I can't see my life without art, colors, creativity, photography.
Every single day, my focus is to create something interesting, and I constantly try to find a good inspiration from anything I see.
I am specialized to paint with airbrush and watercolor, and actually quite often I mix the techniques, because I really like the fusion between the realism of the airbrush, and the watercolor effect, and I think that make the artwork unique and different.
I am also a photographer, since 2010, and I love to go outside for a long walk with my camera, into the city, into the lights, into..what happens, so street photography and urban, are definitely my main styles.
I also use my photos as an high quality reference images, to create my traditional artwork, and Digital Art, to print in Fine Art technique.
As you can see I don't walk only in one way, but for me, anything could be suitable to dig into my artistic soul, and to create something emotional, vibrant, descriptive.
Everything in my Art is connected.
I love to tell a story, to freeze a moment, to convert my emotional untouchable feelings into something visible and readable to everybody.

I want to say Thank You to everyone support me, my madness, and my crazy unconditional love for The Art.
Nero di Venere
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