Nero di Venere

Fine Artist

Hello everyone ! 🙂
welcome here, on my official website 🙂
I’m an Artist, originally from italy.

I officially started in march 2000 to paint with airbrush, and I still use it, but in general I do my Artwork with any technique I really like, and every day, I try to improve myself, be inspired, be creative, be positive 🙂

I’m specialised in those art techniques:

here in my website, you can see a deep selection of my best artwork and art project….and I really wish you’ll like it 🙂

please, feel free to contact me to ask anything you want…..and soon as possibile I’ll reply you.
In case I’ll get a dealy to reply to you…..maybe….hopefully….I’ll be somewhere around the world to get some inspirations, from any different culture 😀

thank you again to support me, and see you soon ! 🙂