speed painting video: watercolour monochrome portrait

Hello Artists 🙂
today i’ll show you, a big watercolour monochrome portrait painting.
It’s a speed painting “tutorial”

The original image was from 2 great italian friends:
– Model: Martina Mendy Tina [instagram]
– Photographer: Alessandro Caramagna [instagram]

i took that image, and i modified a little bit with photoshop / ipad procreate, to get a preview of the final result.

  • Watercolour paper : 55×75 cm Winsor & Newton Lana, handmade 100% cotton
  • brushes: DaVinci Casaneo mop series
  • colours: M.Graham, Schmincke, Daniel Smith

more or less 9 hours in total, split in 3 days [to make me sure about the deep dry of the paper between the different steps]
enjoy it 😉

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