sketching with fountain pen (and review)

Hello Artists !
how are you ?
are you ready to sketching with fountain pen ?

yes! today i want to share with you my experience about sketching and drawing with a fountain pen, and also a review of a wordsworth&black, and the one i’ve got i think is a medium size.

of course that tool is made for writing and calligraphy, but i realised that’s really good for illustration and artwork as well

sketching with fountain pen
sketching fountain pen

since 1996 i used to draw nib pen with kina or waterproof ink, but is a little bit annoying to deep the nib pen in the ink pot every 2 minutes…. so i found this solution really comfortable.

of course is a little bit different sketching and drawing with a nib pen compare to a fountain pen, but there is pro and cons in any case.

for example with the fountain pen you can not change the nib, so you need to get maybe 3/4 of them in different size (i’ve got 3, medium, fine, and extrafine) but of course you can sketch and draw for hours without finish the ink in the middle of a line 😉

in this video down below i will show you how i moved to sketching and drawing with a fountain pen, and also how i use it in combination with watercolor.

by the way, you can not use any ink for this tool, and i found a really good one 100% waterproof, called “carbon ink”.

so if you want to use a combination of this tool + watercolor, make sure the ink into the pen is total waterproof 😉

see you soon and as usual thank you to support me and follow me 🙂

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