PROCREATE Realistic Watercolor Paper

PROCREATE – Realistic Watercolor Paper

Introducing my PROCREATE – Realistic Watercolor Paper

Hello Artist
Here you can get a simulation of Realistic Watercolor Paper for PROCREATE.

I scanned the real Watercolor Paper I use in my traditional Watercolor Artwork


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PROCREATE Realistic Watercolor Paper
PROCREATE Realistic Watercolor Paper


4.000 x 5.000 Pixel
600 Dpi

You can resize the canvas to get more available layer to use, because I can see the file is quite big.

You’ll get a very high customization, so you can find the best final result for you

When you download it, I think will be suitable for most of the painting, you have just to choose what kind of paper you like:

  • Cold pressed Watercolor Paper (Canson)
  • Matte Watercolor Paper (Hahnemuhle)
  • Rough Watercolor Paper( Arches)
  • Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper (Arches)

NOTE: If You need to print the final Artwork, I actually think is ready to go (check ICC profile and make one print to see wha t happens), but if don’t need to print, you can customize the layer opacity and maybe the curves

REMEMBER to keep the group of the watercolor paper layers on top.

After download the file and unzip it:
Open Procreate App > Gallery > import > and then just import the .procreate file.

If you need support, please go to the contact page, compile the form and simply text an email.
I will be very happy to help you

I really hope you will like and enjoy it, and please for any question, just contact me 🙂

thank you again to support my Art
see you soon 🙂

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