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Fine Art Print

Fine Art Print of Your Digital Picture and Artwork

Hello everyone I am really happy to introduce you my fine are printing, available in my e-shop

In the last couple of months, I did an hard work to make all my picture ready to be printed and ready to be sell.

I spent a lot of time to do study and make practice, to find the best way to set up the print, color correction, best quality paper, to create an high-quality products.

To be honest, I love the sensation to feel my photography and my digital artwork, as a physically item, especially because you know I am also a painter.

During last months I realised make a print is not just an easy work to do because is not enough just launch a print to get an amazing result.

I had to understand the ICC profile and how to make the computer and the iPad communicate with the printer in the right way to get the best result on paper like I see on the monitor.

The big difference probably most of the people didn’t see is: when you see some picture on a monitor, or on the phone or tablet, you are just seeing and image retro illuminated, so very vibrant, saturated, and bright, because that’s the way RGB work.

However, when you see a picture printed on paper, you are watching reflected light on that surface and actually the paper, absorb the light.

Find the right way to make a CYMK (additive) image on paper, at the same vibrance, saturation, brightness of that image in RBG (subtractive) could be very difficult

I had to consider, to get a fine art print, how to calculate the black point compensation, ICC profile, color space, Dynamic range of the paper…and at the beginning, yes! I struggled.

Anyway, the final result worth it, and the happiness to see the final result physically holding in my hand … I can’t describe the sensation.

We are living in a digital historical period, when most of the time any picture still just in digital format and not very often, people make it a print, or a fine art print.

When you can touch a digital artwork, or get in your hands a fine art print, and get some different feeling I think that sensation is absolutely difficult to describe.

I already talked to much 😀 and now I am going to leave you check what I did in those last months, and I really hope you like all my artwork and fine art print

As usual I want to say thank you to you to support me and my art, because without you that process could not be complete.

In my shop page, you can check out other items, or you can discover directly on my Etsy Shop

Nero di Venere

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