Cherry flower sketch

Cherry flower sketch

Hello Artists 🙂
how are you ?
i wish you the best all time 🙂

today I like to share with you, a free Cherry flower sketch, medium resolution, and you can download or save it for free.
I traced the main lines from an original picture, and I will attach a reference image as well.

NOTE: the sketch and the reference image, are similar, but not the same image, that’s because i think is better to incentive your creativity.
so, not “just copy” and image already done.

You can use it to create any drawing, painting, inking, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastels…any artwork you like 🙂

This is a cherry flowers sketch, in digital pencil simulation, made by me with my own brush set for procreate.
It is also suitable to be printed in this original size 1:1, 15 cm [this image actually is 300 dpi, so I think you can try to print a little bit bigger without loosing too much quality and details]

I really hope you enjoy that, and in my posts, I will give you some other different sketch in high quality and max resolution.

see you soon
keep on painting ! 🙂

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