airbrush and watercolour portrait

hello artists !
how are you ?
today i want to share with you another artwork, and this time i mixed airbrush and watercolour techniques.

mira watercolour portrait

I did the portrait in airbrush, and I used bombay ink made by dr ph martins, they are amazing in the airbrush but please pay attention.

if the ink dry into the airbrush, it’s a problem, because the colours are really strong, and there is no way to remove or clean that.

if you use Acrylics or watercolour, you can quite easy clean it.

but those ink are totally different, so don’t leave the airbrush with ink inside, and clean it constantly

Traditional watercolour painting for the background, wet on wet techniques and usually my favourite brand are schmincke and m.graham

the paper i used is 100% cotton made by arches, cold pressed, and i quite like use rough texture surface.

for airbrush should better use a hot pressed paper, because is more smooth and flat.

personally i prefer use a really rough textured paper.

hopefully you will enjoy this artwork and please for any question, leave a comment or contact me

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