acrylic painting portrait on abstract background

Hello Artist,
how are you ? i wish you the best all the time ! 🙂
in this speed painting video, i will show you an acrylic painting on canvas.

I started with an abstract background and then I’ll apply over a portrait in airbrush.
you can see any details in the video info, but also I’ll copy here at the end of this post.

I really hope you will enjoy it and please, feel free to contact me for any further details.

I have also to say thank you to Giulia, the model of this portrait, she is an amazing italian model.
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Paintings Details:

Acrylic Painting portrait – abstract and airbrush

airbrush – Harder & Steenceck
art supply: jackson’s art supply
da vinci art brushes
princeton neptune
liquitex ink
schmincke aeropro color

See you at the next ArtWork ! 🙂

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